Finding Your Fiat


Finding the right car for your family isn’t always easy. Many people who aren’t car enthusiasts don’t even know what type of car they are interested in when they start out to buy a new one. They just know they’re old car isn’t cutting it anymore and they need to find something else. If you happen to fall into this category of car buyers, there’s good news for you; even if you don’t know what kind of car you really want, it’s still possible to find your dream car. With a little motivation, some research, and the help of the experts at your local Fiat dealer, you can get a car you didn’t know you always wanted.


Start by visiting a dealership website, like You can see all the different vehicles that they offer and start to get an idea of things you like. Think about what your family needs. Who all will be driving the vehicle? Will you use it for activities? Do you have several people that will be riding frequently or just one person? Are you concerned about fuel efficiency? These types of questions will really help you start to narrow it down. You’ll also get to see all the details of each vehicle online and the specifications will help you realize what you like as well. Once you’ve started narrowing it down by visiting, you can visit your Fiat dealership and talk to their expert staff about your likes and dislikes. With their guidance you can really find a car that your whole family will love and you’ll be happy with for years, even if you started out with no idea what you were looking for. Your dream car is only a little research and a few test drives away.

1993 Mazda RX-7 – Fightin’ Words


Westly Yacinthe isn’t looking for a fight when he says that the Toyota Supra’s 2JZ-GTE engine is superior in just about every way to Mazda’s 13B-REW rotary. [The 2JZ] is everything I want and need so that it is: , and, above all, reliable, he says.powerful and aggressive [You] can’t always put those three requirements in the same sentence as theThat doesn’t suggest that at least one rotary die-hard wouldn’t mind popping him within the chin for the sort of automotive sacrilege he’s seemingly committed, even though westly isn’t planning to cause trouble. Criticism he hasn’t escaped following swapping the imposing Supra engine into his 1993 RX-7-a transplant that is certainly every bit as complicated as it sounds and every bit as rewarding as you believe that it is. According to Yacinthe, had to be carefully modified in order not to disrupt Mazda’s thoughtful weight distribution, the engine conversion transcends a simplified box-full o’brackets and mounts, and hardware and instead requires a re-fabricated subframe and relocated steering system that. The engine was positioned low and rearward in an effort to secure the car’s 50/50 weight balance so that, inspite of the 1,038hp it appears, it still handles like Mazda wanted it to as such.

The quadruple-digit power figures start with one particular-turbo conversion dependant on a Borg Warner S475 that’s strapped to the inline-six by a custom exhaust manifold and feeds it through four-inch intercooler piping. , though making power is the easy part Considering that the six-cylinder 2JZ-GTE’s introduction in 1991, engine builders and tuners have pushed its limits, even eclipsing the 2,000hp mark. The RX-7’s rear differential all of that torque is transferredthrough despite the fact that, is an entirely different story. Along with a set of axles as well as a driveshaft before converting to a Ford Mustang Cobra layout, yacinthe annihilated three of these as it turns out. He isn’t the only one you never know how strong Ford’s 8.8-inch differential is, which made sourcing one an issue. Retrofitting it to the FD chassis is nowhere near as difficult as you’d expect that it is thanks to Samberg Performance Fabrication, who is an expert in the conversion. Samberg, whose primary collection of work concentrates on Chevrolet LSX engine swaps for the third-generation RX-7-an altogether different from of RX-7 blasphemy-was called upon for its bolt-up Cobra conversion kit which allows Mazda heretics like Yacinthe to take advantage of the tougher rear end and place a stop to driveline failures once and for all. To make certain that the Supra’s gearbox didn’t meet the same fate, he reached in the market toone thousand-plus-hp, he isn’t joking. I wanted something that I really could daily even, drift, drag and drive hard park, he says. To build a car which had been capable of whatever I felt like doing on virtually any day-car shows, track days and the occasional whooping of supercars’ asses on the highway. But this FD isn’t pretty much breaking off $200K pieces of Italian machinery. The Southeast Florida native and decades-old Japanese sports car fan admits that the mid-1990s is the place where his soft spot lies-a sentiment that led to the car’s almost ostentatious VeilSide tome. Pursuing what he calls an old-school JDM theme, Yacinthe hand-picked what he could from the VeilSide catalog, including its gauge cluster, steering wheel, now-discontinued Andrews Racing V wheels and also the company’s duly archetypal Combat II aero kit. All that’s stopping the VeilSide pattern from being complete are some seats of which he’s diligently on the hunt for.

Patience-that and what he calls a do-it-right-or-don’t-do-it-at-all attitude are both convictions that Yacinthe says tend to be more marked within himself now than they were before beginning the build merely a year and a half ago. Of learning how to wait, he says: I saved up for the parts that I wanted. With many of them being [rarer] than others, I needed to either wait for them to pop up or perform some serious sweet-speaking with someone who had [them]. But perhaps above all else, Yacinthe’s learned to deal with his detractors-those who, for reasons unknown, aren’t terribly happy going to a Toyota mill crammed to the front end of the Mazda. The toughest lesson I learned is the fact that people will generally have their own opinions-the vision which you put together doesn’t match the things they wanted anyone to do, he says. I lost faith in the rotary. I experienced three [of them] in half a year. I’m tired of justifying why I decided to go with the 2JZ to rotary heads. Can’t we all just get along?

1993 Mazda RX-7 – Southern Delinquent


Just about the most rewarding areas of my job is the opportunity I’ve been given to meet so many different people around the globe while building so many various relationships. Ranging from every age group, just about every owner is different and contains their own unique personality and story. Some grow to be long-term relationships, others turn out to be one-time acquaintances I hope to never see again (sorry guys). The homeowner of this timeless RX-7 on the other hand, is one of people I’m sure I’ll keep in touch with for the rest of my life.

I originally met Eric Brimer about two years ago in Atlanta at a local car meet while scouting for possible feature cars during my previous freelance reign. Upon approaching Eric I quickly found out two things. First, was that his Montego Blue FD had already been featured in our sister publication Modified Magazine during its H.I.N. stages. And second, that he was actually currently serving time in a correctional facility for a genuine article Willy Wonka operation catching up with him. How was he at the car meet if he was serving time, you may well ask? Well my fellow readers, there’s this thing called work release and it’s for inmates which have displayed good behavior-and you can bet your ass Eric was using his granted a chance to sneak off and attend the little powwow. A die-hard individual he or she isand i also always saved in touch. I found myself always looking for the best opportunity to shoot his car and he was always trying to find a way to update it enough for it to be re-featured. Truthfully, there was a good deal that would have to be done. The Sparco seats had surely aged, and though his old Volks were in immaculate condition, the wheels have been played for a while. Though we had been consistently in communication, there was clearly a lot of talk and not much going on to the first year or so of our relationship, but once Eric was finally released to your prohibitory state the ball started rolling and the games began.

One of the main re-building points of the project was to keep it as elegant and simple as you possibly can. Even around I would try and convince Eric to absolutely slammer his FD for my own viewing pleasures, he would not budge. Truth be told, this wild individual’s 10-year-old baby just has 33k original miles on it. And he wants to keep it fresh to death (no pun intended). Which means no hella stance that’ll irreversibly ruin his fenders, no insane out of this world engine mods ensuring the rotary motor will always run strong without any unnecessary on the top body accents. Who could blame him? The FD is an iconic chassis. And since when has tastefully done ever beenalmost every aspect of the car being revamped within the past year from your wheels on the interior, the engine is actually the only thing that has been left untouched since the first time around. With a GReddy T78 blower producing around 420 on the wheels, Eric still feels he has more than sufficient power to enjoy yourself without sliding back into prison. The hood was substituted with OEM carbon, the trunk lost its massive tail, and the shoes represent a timeless, refined style we can’t deny.

Though I’m probably not allowed to elaborate on the insanity of Eric’s personality and also the depths of the shenanigans, the most interesting point about this build must be the aspect of how this kind of out of control character can own such a righteous piece of history, and have the maturity to keep it that way. Having said that, there is no doubt during my mind we will see this car gracing our pages again in another 10 years. Keep the ears and eyes open folks, you never know who you’ll meet out there.

How To Look Rich, Act Rich, But Still Be Yo’ Po’ Self

What makes a celebrity a celebrity? It’s how they carry themselves and how they act, and even most importantly, how they look. When you get some money coming in, you can start spending it on things that make you seem even bigger than you are. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy of legendary stature. So if you want to seem like a big shot or a big deal, you gotta first act like one. This can be done if you have great wealth, but most of us don’t have access to that, so we gotta fake it. Here are some ways to seem bigger than you are so that maybe you’ll eventually be that big.

Dress the Part


You can’t dress like a schlub and have people think you’re anything but a schlub. Look at New York City hipsters – they dress in fancy expensive clothes that are designed to look casual and off the beaten path. But those tank tops and skinny jeans are actually ~$100 garments bought with their parents’ trust fund money. Don’t be fooled! You can’t actually just go into a Goodwill and walk out with a cool, hipster wardrobe. However, with the proper eye, you can find some good stuff probably not at Goodwill, but at some other consignment places that will sell you some cool clothes more in the $20-$30 range. Or even going to H&M is not a bad call. Their whole market brand is looking sharp and European but being terrible quality but it doesn’t matter because you at least will be looking cool as the stitching comes undone.

Get a Slightly – But Only Slightly – Used Car


You will not impress anyone with a 18 year old Honda Odyssey you bought from your grandmother because she’s blind and can’t drive anymore. However, if you need a new set of wheels, you should definitely go ahead and get something a few model years old. You will save tons on that monthly car payment, and that kind of savings can be used to shop at H&M. It all comes full circle. Check out and you’ll see that the prices on cars even just 2 or 3 years old are way more reasonable than something fresh off the boat. Or off the trailer. You get the idea. It’s always a good idea to start shopping at and go from there.

iPhone yes, Verizon no


If you want any sort of stature in this world, you have to have an iPhone. I mean, you look at someone with a Samsung and you can’t help but wonder: do you even have any self respect? Go back to your basement! But though we all agree you have to have an iPhone, that doesn’t mean you have to pay the exorbitant prices for Verizon or, God forbid, AT&T. You can use T Mobile or Sprint. Though their service is laughably bad, you can save money and once you hop on your buddy’s wifi, it won’t really matter that no one has thought to put up a Sprint tower in your city.

2014 Chevrolet Sonic – Technologic Sonic


It seemed like yesterday when Jonathan, I and Matt sat in our office trying to figure out how to deal with our Chevy Sonic. In case you haven’t acquired the past couple issues, last spring we had been given the challenge of building a Sonic for that SEMA show. Don’t get us wrong, we love to build cars, nevertheless the Sonic isn’t exactly what you’d call the ultimate tuner car. There’s little-to-no aftermarket support, but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t see any potential. Turning it into a showstopper that will grab the eye of a large number of SEMA attendees wasn’t gonna be as easy as bolting on a widebody and throwing a turbo kit in, however. We didn’t wish to follow the same paths our brothers at Modified and Import Tuner were taking. They are also building Sonics and already selected the two obvious themes-VIP and track. This forced us to believe outside the box and come up with something innovative.

The first thing we asked ourselves is, exactly what do we do throughout the day? If you’re like me, I check my phone every twenty seconds to stalk people on Facebook, double tap photos on Instagram and waste time watching YouTube, . I also can’t stand silence so I have music playing whether I’m at work, in a car, at home and obviously up in da club. With that said, we each checked out each other and said, why not put all these things we use every day in our Chevy Sonic? Brilliant!

A game plan for awesomeness was formulated through the help of Mike Vu of MVDesignz. Mike has been around in charge of several crazy show cars including our superhero-themed Kias built last here. He was the perfect guy to bounce ideas forth and back with and inevitably would be our go-to for the entire build that will focus on connectivity, technology and music.

Bumps for the Trunk

If we’re going to concentrate on technology and music, we’re going to need some bumpin’ audio. And why not include a DJ setup, too? ! Pioneer hooked us track of their entire catalog which includes two 12 subs in a custom trunk enclosure, followed by five 600-watt amplifiers. Front and center is the DJ equipment-two CDJ900s and a DJM-900 Nexus mixer. All the speakers in the car will also be upgraded to Pioneer and also the two rear headrests are being modified to house some 6.5 two-way speakers, as Jonathan models for us. The goal with all the audio and DJ setup isn’t in order to throw some kick-ass parties but in order toWhat the hell is the fact funny lookin’ wood thing Mike Vu’s building? Well it’s a custom rear console that’s going to house two LG projectors. We’ll be able to surf the net and run apps via these projectors that will project onto the rear windows. A special film will likely be applied so it will be easy to view. Mike’s also added another projector within the rear hatch. The new rear console may also feature a telescoping camera that’ll rise straight out of the roof and get a 360-degree overview outside the Sonic. No, we’re not joking! The idea with all the car is to have video cameras all-around that will allow us to stream to the web via MiFi modules and a wireless router. So, basically, it’ll be a rolling voyeur cam. We’ll have cameras that show the passenger and driver, the DJ setup and, of course, the telescoping exterior cam. A set of iPads will be mounted inside the rear cockpit to make web surfing and posting online easier as well.